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The Moments in Between

Today was an ordinary day. I woke up in our home; I even slept in until 6:45. We had eggs, sausage, and mini bagels for breakfast. I worked out. Adeline napped mid-morning. I drank coffee and worked on my laptop while Luke played. Chad worked and had a few conference calls. He mowed the grass after work. Adeline was fussy and skipped her afternoon nap. I slow danced with her to country music and she laid her head on my chest. I picked Audrey up from Earth Club and helped her with homework. Middle school math is just as awful as it was when I did it. The kids all ate a great dinner...except Luke, our picky eater, who never eats a good dinner. We were happy to get a fruit and veggie pouch and an oatmeal cereal bar in him. Oh and milk...always milk.

Chad started Adeline's bath while Luke and I laid on mine and Chad's big king bed and watched Paw Patrol. I studied his face, realizing I never paid attention to the unique shape of his mouth before. It's also crazy how different his eye color is from Addie's. The corners of his sweet mouth turn up in a smile during different parts of the show. I take in his curly blonde hair and its unruliness. I admire his sweet baby boy eyelashes. I can hear Addie giggling in the bath tub.

All at once I realize that one day in the future, I would give ANYTHING to come back to this exact moment in time. I'd do anything to just lay here and study this sweet boy's face. Before long, he'll be out with friends, off at college, and eventually raising his own family. He won't be mine to care for all day every day anymore. I'll always mother my babies but it won't be the same. Even despite the middle-schooler attitude at 7:00 this morning, despite the teething baby who refused to be put down, despite the fact that we're not yet in our forever home, despite the fact that my book isn't published yet (along with so many other yet-to-be-realized dreams), despite the fact that it was a totally normal day...I know I'll wish to be back here. On this day, when my babies are little, our family is healthy, and my cup runneth over with love for my husband. This is life. Not once the book is published or the house is built or the vacation is taken. N-O-W. In the moments in between. Nothing special happened today...and yet everything special happened today.

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