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Is the BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller worth it?

With a zillion double stroller options and two crazy toddlers, what's a mom to do? After a year of underwhelm with our Graco double stroller, we knew we needed a better option. With our Graco Ready to Grow double stroller, the wheels could barely get over sidewalk bumps and we couldn't have both kids facing forward at the same time. With a summer full of excursions ahead, we started our search.

Initially I was only considering a tandem (one in front of another) style, not a side-by-side. I didn't want to mess with our ability to get through doorways. First, I did an extensive google search that would make an Enneagram 6 proud. I searched, filtered, and critiqued until my brain spun. I soon realized there really wasn't a good tandem option where both babies could fully see forward. So I did the next most obvious Instagram stories poll. The BOB Duallie stroller was a top recommendation in my IG poll so back to google I went. Most commercial doorways are 36" wide and the BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Duallie is only 30.5" wide. Schwing!

That modest size doesn't skimp on comfort for the babes though. Each kiddo has plenty of space, the seats recline independently, and the sun shades go legit all the way down. I'm a stickler for keeping the sun off their angel skin so having full coverage sunshades is a huge feature for me.

So we listed our Graco Ready to Grow on Craigslist and bit the bullet with BOB. You can't actually buy from BOB's website so we got ours from Buy Buy Baby. I compared reviews of previous BOB Flex Duallies and found that the new FLEX 3.0 Duallie truly is the best. New functionality includes independently reclining seats, the better coverage sunshades, and magnet-closing peekaboo panels (instead of the loud velcro panels in previous models). I tried to use a 20% off Buy Buy Baby coupon but BOB is one of those "we're too good for coupons" companies (like Apple) so we paid full price, got some cash back from Rakuten (formerly eBates), and got free shipping.

Three days later we put it to the test. It came fully assembled. It doesn't come with a cup holder / snack tray for the kiddos so I purchased it separately and easily installed it. Our first test was a stroll around the neighborhood. We live in a new construction community so the pavement still isn't finished and leveled with the sidewalks. These giant bumps nearly launch the kids out of the stroller every time we go up or down a curb. The Duallie scaled these with ease and turned on a dime. It seriously rides so smoothly you barely realize you're pushing a stroller. I read other reviews that said this and wondered how much that could really matter? matters.

Our 1-year-old Adeline thought it was hilarious to sit next to her big brother, Luke (2). He wasn't as enthusiastic about it but loved the new ride overall. The adjustable handle is a big plus as both Chad and I are tall (me: 5'8 and Chad: 6'4). Most stroller handlebars feel too low, forcing me to hunch over to push it. There was also plenty of space to take long strides without bumping your feet on the bottom of the stroller (unlike our previous Graco).

Now for one of the most important highlights: STORAGE. I was shocked at how much space there is under the seats for storage considering the overall modest frame size. Not only that, four netted pockets along the back of the stroller can hold wipes, diapers, snacks, water bottles, etc. Two small zipper compartments hanging from the handlebar provide more storage. We have hand sanitizer, tissues, some cereal bars, and an extra pacifier stored in these.

There's no cup holder or additional handlebar storage for parents' goodies so back to Buy Buy Baby we went for one more add-on. This is the only double stroller cup holder console I could find. Overall, it fits the purpose though I wish it had more storage for phones, sunglasses, etc.

The next test we did was at the Dulles Air and Space Museum. It was 95 degrees (which in steamy Virginia feels like 100+) so I was grateful the kids had the extra sunshade and this new stroller fan clipped to the kids' snack tray. We easily fit inside the front doors of the facility, through aisles, and even interior doorways. The gift shop was a little difficult to navigate but that was mostly because

there were dozens of crazy kids in there, whining for rocket toys and glow-in-the-dark star stickers for their ceiling (you know you had those too).

Our third and final test was the queen of them all...Busch Gardens amusement park in Williamsburg, VA. We had the whole fam (Connor 19; Kirsten 15; Audrey 11; Luke 2; Adeline 1) there for two nights on a mini getaway. The first stop was the parking lot tram where we were relieved to see how easily the stroller folded up and lifted onto the tram. We easily navigated the park (sometimes using handicap access doorways). The family had plenty of room to store our water bottles, flip flops (water rides!), and even extra clothes. We hung the babies' diaper bag from the inside of the handlebar, which has plenty of room thanks to how deep the handlebar is itself. We couldn't make it into one ice cream shop door frame which was a pretty big bummer but we sent in someone for our treats and all's well that ends well.

Buying a stroller with this price tag is a big decision. We hesitated until we realized we still have a few years of double stroller needs ahead of us. The high resale rate of BOB strollers is a pretty good reason as well. All in all, we 100% recommend this double stroller and believe it's completely worth the price tag.

No, this is not sponsored in any way, though I have zero problem with bloggers reviewing sponsored items because 1. that's how they pay the bills, more power to them, and 2. any blogger I know would only review and accept payment for something they truly believe in and use themselves anyway. #sidebar

Now stop fretting over the decision, and get your BOB on!

With love,

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