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YouTube Channel Launch!

The procrastination is over, folks. My YouTube channel officially launches right meow.

The first episode is up and I'm glad I ripped off that band-aid! The first topic is on our weaning journey and I think it'll be helpful and entertaining to those it applies to (nursing mothers) but hopefully still entertaining to those slightly outside that demographic 😊

Upcoming episodes will include:

→ Other motherhood and parenting topics

→ Book and writing updates

→ Postpartum journey

→ Shopping and (mom)fashion

→ Relationship fun

→ Other randomness when I feel so inclined

I hope you'll pop on over to the channel, subscribe, like, comment, yada yada. It means the world to me! Don't forget to be sure you're seeing these blog updates by subscribing below. Promise not to send you any crap 😘


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