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Are Women Still Body Shaming Each Other?!

I have a fun part-time gig as a social media advertisement evaluator. I rate ads on Instagram for relevancy, visual appearance, entertainment factor, etc. Sometimes an ad will catch my eye and provoke me to read the comments.

An ad for SPANX branded jeans popped up. The photo was of the backside of a slender girl and the jeans looked awesome. The copy said something about comfortable, cute jeans that actually hold in your tummy. I wondered if anyone in the comments had tried them. When I got to the comments section though, I was floored by how nasty the comments were.

Women bashing SPANX for posting a photo of a slender woman in SPANX. DAARREE they not use a plus size model. They crucified, not only the company, but the model...for NOT being overweight. They said things like, "You should've shown them on someone with a 'real' body." What is her body then? Pretend?

They called her a "skinny giraffe."

If someone has a body and you're shaming any part of it...guess what?

Body shaming is body shaming, friends.

I absolutely love how brands are showing models of all different sizes, races, and love interests lately. It's refreshing. We're all so beautiful in different ways. Can you imagine how boring this world would be if we all looked the exact same? There is no ONE definition of beautiful. But there's also no ONE definition of "real".

What about the size 2 mom who lost her baby weight quickly but has so much excess tummy skin that she can't wear her normal jeans? Is her body real?

What about the woman who was recently separated from her husband, went up a size in jeans from emotional eating (from a 6 to an 8), but doesn't want her ex or anyone else to notice. Is her body real?

What about the girl who is in the middle of a weight loss journey (10 pounds out of her 50 pound goal left) and is in between sizes. Regular jeans fit her awkwardly. Is her body real?

What about the girl who's battled with an eating disorder since she was 14 and is finally recovering and gaining healthy weight, but feels a lot better when she wears a tighter jeans. It is helping her transition. She's now a size 2 instead of a 00. Is her body real?

You get my point. A size 12 who body shames a size 2 is just as bad as a size 2 who body shames a size 12.

It works both ways.

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I get that it's an ad for SPANX so you might expect the model to be someone who "needs" tummy control. But who are you to decide who needs (or just plain wants) tummy control? Maybe that particular ad wasn't targeting plus size women specifically. Maybe it was targeting thinner women who want tummy control for other reasons (recent weight loss, diastasis recti, etc.).

Please remember, whether you're a size 2 or 22, we are all real. We all just wanted to be accepted for who we are, loved no matter our size, and to feel beautiful.

And in case no one has told YOU are beautiful ♥


P.S. For the record, I've been everywhere from a size 2 - 12. And no, this is not sponsored by SPANX in any way...though I'm open to offers 😜. On that note, here is a link to get you 15% off your next order - I highlllyyy recommend the black faux leather leggings!!

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