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Magnetic Lashes: A Busy Mom's Review

I've tried it all. Lash boost, stick on lashes, professional mink lashes, and now magnetic lashes. I'm a busy mom with a house full of crazies so I need something that's fast, doesn't ruin my natural lashes, and looks bangin'. Here's a rundown of my experience with each and some photos so you can see my lash biography ♥

Glue-on Lashes ★★★ - I love me some MAC glue-on lashes. I just suck at applying them. I literally can't do it. One time I sort of got them on and they ended up hanging half off by the time we were done shopping. I had to rip them out in a public restroom. Not my best moment. So while I would rate these higher because they look amazing...the learning curve is evidently too steep for me.

MAC Glue On Lashes

MAC Glue-On Lashes

R+F Lash Boost ★★★★ - I actually really like this. It took a good 6-8 weeks to notice a difference but I've gotten multiple compliments since then. It's not the full blown faux lash look so if you've had legit faux lashes before, this may not feel as luxe. It's much cheaper than professional mink lashes, though still a little pricey...and not as impressive quite honestly. No I don't sell this but my sweet friend Autumn does, so hit her up if you need some!

Professional Mink Lashes ★★ - Oh how lovely these were. I felt gorgeous waking up bare-faced. I felt foxier than ever before and legitimately wore less makeup. Hubs loved them too. However, once they start to come off, they take your natural lashes with them. I had decent natural lashes before minks but afterward, I was left with sad, stubby lashes. I could cry just thinking about it. Years later, they've grown back in a lot but still not to the level they were originally. So unless you want to keep getting minks forever and ever amen...pass on these.

Mink Lashes

Magnetic Lashes★★★★★- Oh right...the name of this post. I was afraid that they'd be as difficult to apply as glue-on lashes but I was so pleasantly surprised. I was introduced to these by my mommy vlogger friend Brittani (subscribe to her channel for the sweetest real mama content ever). She has three boys so I figured if she can manage these things I can too.

They come in this cute packaging - I'm a packaging snob soooo this is important to me 😜

They weren't nearly as awkward to apply as I thought they'd be. The wand is actually useful which I can't say for most other lash application tools. I only had to re-position them once.

Overall I'd call these a win. I've tried both the corner lashes for a more natural look and the full set when I need a legit pick me up. Predictably, the full set feels "heavier", though not enough that I wouldn't wear them. When I apply the outer ones just right, I can't even feel them!

★★★★★ Outer magnetic lashes are the winner! ★★★★★

Check out this slideshow to see how they look on:

Have you tried magnetic lashes? What brand did you use and what was your experience? Comment below and let me know ♥


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