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Kid-Free Trip to Paris? S'il vous plaît!

That's right...this mama is busting out for a 4 day trip to Paris...KID-FREE!

Listen, I LOVE being a mom and the fact that I feel like I have to mention or justify that is sad. But we live in a society full of judgement so I'm throwing it out there anyway. Just because I am excited to be AWAY from my kids, for time with my fantastic hubby, doesn't mean I don't love them. It means I understand the importance of preserving the connection between me and their dad. It all started with the two of us after all.

My parents (our only babysitters) have been snow-birding in Florida since December. To say we need a break is an understatement. I've missed them terribly and the closest Chad and I have had to date night is our fun date nights at home. They are fun and creative, don't get me wrong. However, there's nothing quite like being able to leave the HOUSE together...or in this case, the continent.

We started with the idea of Mexico. We both love sunny, laid-back vacations...adults-only, all-inclusive being our favorite. After days of comparing locations, flights, resorts, room options, and every little detail, we decided on the perfect Mexican getaway: El Dorado Royale Casitas. We were all set to book our swim-up casita when it hit me just how uncomfortable I would be in a bathing suit in just four short weeks. My body lovingly clings to every bit of fat on me while I breastfeed, so most of my baby weight is still months postpartum.

Listen, I don't need a lecture on self-love or body acceptance. TRUST ME I love and appreciate everything my body has done for me in growing and sustaining three beautiful, healthy babies. My body has done exactly what I needed it to do and I am grateful. I do not take it for granted. However, being thirty pounds overweight sucks...big time...especially in a bikini.

Since the spirit of this trip is supposed to be fun and care-free, I realized that I wouldn't truly be able to enjoy Mexico in all its bikini and sundress glory until I feel more comfortable in my skin. Moreover, my old clothes don't fit me and I refuse to buy clothes at this size, knowing that when I wean Adeline, all will go back to normal. I'm working out daily, eating great, and know my body just has to sort out some hormones.

So that led us back to our search. And by "us" I mean "me". Chad is thrilled to go away with me but is far less intense about the perfect location than I am. I went through dozens of options in my head but none of them fit...London, Florida, California, Germany, New England, Spain. I want to go to all of these places (my bucket list is basically just a list of countries), but the spirit of this trip felt...specific.

Specifically...Paris ♕

Back to the search engines I went. The location felt perfect but my standards for the quality and feel of the hotel were pretty high. More on that (and how I used the law of attraction to get exactly what I wanted for exactly what I wanted to pay) in a forthcoming blog...

I spent the better part of three days and evenings obsessed with finding the perfect hotel, the ideal flights on our specific dates, and paying what I wanted to pay. Sorry kids...that was a lot of Nick Jr. Through ups and downs, notepads, and screenshots, we finally got exactly what we wanted.

The HÔTEL LANCASTER is Paris in my mind's eye. Tall ceilings, neutrals and soft jewel tones, French doors (in France are they just called doors?), marble bathrooms, plush bedding, and herringbone pattern hardwood floors are just a few of the visions I held perfectly in my mind of what I wanted.

Seriously...the flooring is what dreams are made of ⤵

Once we pulled together the exact package we wanted, we booked it. With just three short weeks until our departure, I'm ecstatic and overwhelmed.

Like...guys...I'm going to PARIS!! Pinch me please and then take me shopping! Chad and I say that our love for the Caribbean always defaults us to going there but keeps us from finally getting our butts to Europe together. It feels like we've been waiting for "the right time" to do "a trip like Paris" but really...there's never a perfect time. We have little ones at home, jobs, and a short window of time. But this is LIFE, people...not a dress rehearsal. Get after it and book the MF trip ☑

On that note, a Paris wardrobe blog is coming soon!

Au revoir, loves ♥


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