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What the Jerks Behind "Momo" Don't Understand About the World...(no pics of it I promi

》Pinky swear, no pics of Momo in this post《

You've probably heard about the creepy "Momo" creature popping up in kids' YouTube videos lately. The ultra-filtered and distorted character tells viewers to hold a knife up to their neck, keep the stove on, etc. It even tells kids that if they tell their parents they've seen "Momo" that it'll come into their house and kill them and their families at night. Yes, seriously.

You may be thinking, "Ummm ok so I won't let my kid watch weird or random YouTube videos." Not that simple, slick. This creeper is popping up during PEPPA FREAKING PIG videos and in popular games and apps.

I don't watch the news for a variety of reasons but I heard about this scary problem from two of my favorite mommy vlogger / blogger friends, Brittani Leach and Kelly Ann Schwartz. P.S. Check them out, they're fab.

Parents are deleting the YouTube app from their kids' devices and paying a LOT more attention to their screen time. As a Christian mom and just decent human (I hope 😊), it is incredibly disturbing that someone out there even thought to make this a thing. Whenever something awful like this comes about, it really makes you sad for humanity.

However, there is justice.

The one thing that the idiots who created this "Momo" thing OBVIOUSLY don't understand is...


These a-holes don't realize that what you put out comes back to you.

Yes, this has disturbed many, many children (and parents) and that's awful. But what should give us some respite is that the absolute worst of this will come back on the creators of it.

Even if you don't believe in the law of attraction (which really just means you don't understand it), everyone can agree that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That's just plain physics (thanks, Newton). This is more than just a cute belief in Karma. It's actual scientific law. I could go on about the law of attraction forever so let me stop here.

My point is, anyone who created or promotes this ridiculous Momo challenge is just bringing that harm upon themselves. It makes me feel super sad for them actually.

First, that their brains are twisted enough to come up with something like that and want to promote it to children; Dude, I don't want to be there when you come into the afterlife ...AWKWARD...

Second, that their ill intentions and desire to harm will come RIGHT. BACK. TO. THEM.

So yes, let's all be super vigilant about what our kids watch and play (hopefully we're already doing that). But with this and any other awful phenomenon (from that scary IT clown character placing balloons everywhere to freaking anthrax), our fear doesn't have to be with the world itself, but rather we should pity the creators and promoters because they will receive the brunt of their free will. If they understood the law of attraction and the power of their free will, I guarantee they'd choose differently.

Free will: Use it wisely friends...use it wisely ♥



P.S. Here are a couple of my favorite reads on the law of attraction ★

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