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5 At-Home Date Night Ideas ♡ Just in Time for Valentine's Day

They say a babysitter is cheaper than a divorce. While I agree with that, I don't think it has to be one or the other. In Jude Law's case, it was both. Ok, that was too far. 🤣

In all seriousness, I think it's incredibly important to #dateyourspouse . Regardless of the craziness in your lives, scheduling a weekly night to spend together is critical in my book. Yes, there is work, kids, and a mountain of laundry. It will still be there when you're done.

Ya feel me?

If your kids' bedtimes are past 8:00 PM, consider:

A. sending them to bed early (they will survive)

B. setting them up with a fun evening of their own (movie night in the basement)

Now that the kids are taken care of, put your phone away, and focus on your partner with one of these fun activities:


Ok, so this one isn't that creative. But seriously, when is the last time you and your spouse cooked a nice meal together for the fun of it...not just out of necessity? I'm talking music in the background, "taste this marinara", slap your booty with the dish towel FUN!? If you have kids, I bet it's been too long. Try a new recipe or an old standby that reminds you of your early times together. Already ate dinner? Whip up a yummy dessert and then save some for me 😜


One of my childhood besties Ashleigh and I came up with this thing called, "I love" lists. Basically, it's just a piece of paper with a list of your favorite things in certain categories. The idea is to get all high vibe and happy...or in mine and Ash's case, to tune out our Trigonometry class.

Grab a free printable here.


This is probably the simplest one on here but that's what makes it kind of my favorite. During one of my favorite ever "date nights" with Chad, we pulled our love seat up close to our fireplace, turned out the lights, and played jazz music with candles everywhere. We just sat there and talked past, present, future. It was so simple and without all the fluff of something to do, we were just us.

No fireplace? No problem...Netflix has "Crackling Birch wood" (search it!) that you can put on in the background to create the same ambiance.


If you need a little nudging, grab a Table Topics (love this couples version) and get the conversation flowing. You can combine this idea with dinner or jazz night too and round out your evening chatting over these fun convo prompts.


Last but not least, the random word memory game. I got this idea from one of Elizabeth Gilbert's books. She and her partner would lay in bed and one of them would say a word like, "turtle" and the other person would share a memory about that word. It could be a big or little memory. Overall, it helps you learn more about your partner and their life experiences even if you've been together for decades.

So there you have it, a few of our favorite at-home date night ideas, little to no prep needed. Guys, I strongly encourage you to pair any of these with flowers, pastries, wine, or all three.



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