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When Did Women Stop Supporting Women?

When did women stop supporting other women? No, seriously. There is some weird stigma with supporting and shopping from our own girlfriends. People have gotten so uncomfortable with the idea of their friends having a job or hobby outside of the norm, that now they won’t even support each other?

I completely agree with the uncomfortable feeling of constantly being sold to. I’ve “ghosted” plenty of cold messages before. No one wants that. The number one thing marketers need to know is to not be impersonal, pushy, salesy, or mass add people to groups without permission first. However, chances are, whatever your friend’s entrepreneurial endeavor entails, it’s probably not out of the realm of something that you would actually be interested in. You are friends, after all. So the next time you need a weight loss or wellness solution, skincare, essential oils, or other product that you have a friend sharing... why not check out their solution first? You have every right to decide it’s not for you after chatting (please trust in your own ability to say no if it’s not the right fit). Of course you could support millionaire Jillian Michaels and just go straight for one of her DVDs. Or you could support Costco and get some crappy protein shake from there. You could continue to fund giant companies like Neutrogena. You can find essential oils on Amazon. Wouldn’t you rather help a stay at home mom continue to stay at home with her family? Wouldn’t you rather help your friend’s goal of paying for their next family beach vacation? Wouldn’t it be nice to help your sister and her family get out of debt?

These are the people that you are supporting by shopping small from a friend working for a network marketing company. *GASP* Is that really so bad? A friend with dreams of financial freedom, all while sharing something they passionately believe in. Especially when you’re probably buying all of these things already. Instead of doing your own thing and supporting only giant companies, why not support a friend with big dreams while you get your goods?

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