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Is Fed or Breast Best?

3 different feeding methods. 3 happy babes.

With Audrey, the nurses gave her formula in the hospital without asking me. I was uneducated on breastfeeding and thought I had a low supply (really it was just a bad latch that could've been addressed). She only nursed on one side so I'd have to pump the other side every single feeding. This got old really fast. I let supplementing be the new norm, my supply ran out around 5 months old. With Luke, he never had a drop of formula. He was a difficult nurser (so painful in the beginning). I think even 9 years after my first nursing experience, I felt the need to prove to myself I could do it no matter what. I read everything out there on exclusively breastfeeding and how to make it to one year. We made it to 14 months and I weaned him while I was 3 months pregnant with Adeline. With Adeline, she latched and nursed like a pro immediately. She's a breeze when it comes to feeding. During my retained placenta ambulance trip drama two weeks postpartum, Chad had to give her formula while I was in the hospital. It was kind of a relief though ! That ripped the band-aid off. It took the pressure off of "no formula ever". I loathe pumping so our arrangement with Adeline is if I need to be away for a couple hours, she has a bottle of formula and I feed her when I get home. Missing *one* feeding a week to get your hair done or run to target will not kill your supply. Honestly, your body doesn't know if you're getting a pedicure or if your babe just decided to take a 2 hour nap . This flexibility has relieved so much pressure for me this go around.

We all project different levels of mom guilt onto ourselves for the way we raise our babies. Whether it's feeding, sleeping arrangements, screen time, working or staying at home (or both ). We put so much pressure on ourselves. These babies will thrive whether you breastfeed, formula feed, or any combination thereof.

I thoroughly believe in the self-sacrifice of breastfeeding. But I also believe the happiest babies are the ones with the happiest mommies. So cut yourself some slack, sweet friend. Whatever your feeding journey is. You're doing great.

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