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Adeline's Secret Garden Nursery

Adeline Grace's nursery is finally complete! She has less than three weeks left to cook in there and we are officially ready for her. This nursery was designed with a lot of thought and love. It's the only room in our new house that I was able to design completely FOR the space. I've moved 9 times in 10 years so I have to get pretty creative fitting our furniture and decor into each new space. I can't tell you how fun it was to just decorate her room knowing this is where it will all STAY for quite a while.

I am pretty particular when it comes to room design. Many times I can partially visualize what I want, a vibe, a color scheme, a FEELING of the space. Then as I get some anchor pieces, the rest of it starts to come together. This room has items from Pottery Barn, Amazon, At Home, Ikea, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Office Depot, Babies R Us, Target, Home Goods, Jane, and probably a dozen other places to be honest. I get a little crazy in "curating" when I can, finding the EXACT perfect item for every square inch. I don't usually have that luxury as we are usually in the process of moving or about to move but this time we are settled.

As with many other pieces of wall art in our new home, I had an idea for what I wanted but couldn't find it specifically anywhere. I found a wall art hanging at Home Goods with the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" lyrics which caught my eye. However, it wasn't the right scale or design. Taking the idea to use those lyrics, I hopped onto (my favorite DIY graphic design site - even great for beginners), and got to working. I found a whimsical font, the perfect spacing and juxtaposition, which left me with the background decision. I walked into her room and just felt the vibes. I instantly saw watercolor as a beautiful option. I found a gorgeous peony water color graphic online, set it as the background, sent it off to office depot, and voila - the perfect artwork was created for above Adeline's crib. I found the giant frame from Michael's (always use a 40% off coupon!) and overall it cost me about $40 for this 24 x 36 custom piece. Don't be afraid to get crafty, friends! I'm thinking of even expanding our Etsy shop to include some fun designs like this.

As I recently blogged, the flower mobile is a DIY adventure as well and I love how it fits in with the elegant Secret Garden theme I was going for. I even took some extra faux hydrangeas and tucked them into her wooden "A" wall art.

The dresser / changing table is from Ikea and actually began as a royal blue. It was first Audrey's dresser two houses ago. Then it was the dining room buffet in our Charleston home. Now it's Adeline's dresser and changing table. I told you I have to get creative each time we move! It took 3 coats of paint but for $30 I was able to get it just right. I also got some rose gold spray paint to custom paint the original drawer pulls. To give it an even more custom look, I picked up some L brackets from Lowe's, spray painted those rose gold, and installed them on each of the four corners of the top. Such simple, inexpensive additions like this tie the design into the room so much more.

I love feature walls but not ones that are TOO busy. I always go for different shapes (circular wreath, oblong shelf, rectangular art work, teardrop terrarium). I also look for different textures as you can see in the wreath, shelf detail, and terrarium. This gives visual interest while keeping it simple.

One of my all time favorite ways to complete a space is with personal touches. Sentimental pieces takes a space from just "decorated" to meaningfully designed. From the monogrammed bible from my bible study girls to the Star Light, Star Bright watercolor painting by my mother, this room has plenty of heart in it, making it extra special for our little girl.

Our crib is from Amazon in Antique Mist. You can also get it in Storm Gray. Paint color is Fair Maidenby Valspar from Lowe's. I hope you find this nursery as fun and welcoming as we do! Email me with any questions or thoughts on our little girl's nest.

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