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DIY Flower and Tulle Nursery Mobile

Ok, I have to say this was one of the most fun DIYs I've ever done. Don't look too closely or you'll see blobs of hot glue everywhere, but take a step back and it's so pretty I could cry. At 34 weeks pregnant, don't be surprised if I do!

I loosely based the idea on a flower mobile I found on Pinterest but I also loved the look of some tulle netting like this one so I merged the two concepts together to come up with this. The look I'm going for in Adeline's nursery is floral, feminine, sort of secret garden-esque and I think this captures that vibe!

Let me also say before anyone starts getting all safety patrol on me, that once she can stand in her crib and reach this, it will be moved or modified for safety. Obvi.

Here's what I used:

>>> The Ikea Bryne Net (disclaimer: They warn NOT to use this in a baby's nursery for obvious danger reasons. So here I am not *officially* recommending this for your baby's nursery so you don't sue me lol).

>>> Faux flowers from Michaels. Please never ever shop at Michael's without a coupon. Just google "Michael's coupon" and you'll always find one. Also, faux flowers can get expensive. I waited for a 50% off faux flowers sale and saved a ton!

>>> A hot glue gun with LONG refill sticks. Trust me when you're holding on flowers and trying to glue them on a piece of netting, you want to refill as infrequently as possible!

>>> Clear fishing line to hang from ceiling. Note that fishing line comes in colors sometimes too (like blue) so be sure you get clear. I'd go for a higher "weight" (meant for catching larger fish) in case your globs of glue and flowers end up heavy like mine!

>>> Ceiling hook or Lag screw eye bolt to hang your mobile from the ceiling. I used the eye bolt.

Other than that you just need something to hang the net from while you glue the flowers on, preferably at eye level while you sit in a comfortable chair. It's going to take a while. Put on a good audio book too :)

First, I put the netting together and laid it on the floor. I used a heavy duty wire cutter to cut the tops off the flowers. It took me going through 3 sets of regular wire cutters that did NOT work before my hubby finally hooked me up with the big guns. You'll need something heavy duty to cut through the wire in the stems of the flowers. I cut them as closely to the head of the flower as possible without damaging the blossom itself. I laid them down on the floor just to be sure I had enough. I also cut off some leaves so I could add in greenery as well.

Next, I hung the netting from an AC vent in the ceiling, down to eye level while I sat on a very comfy chair for the long hot glue process. I recommend having an old shoe box or something to safely sit the hot glue gun in your lap between flowers and while you're holding them in place waiting for the glue to dry. Having a small fan blowing on the mobile on low might help the glue dry faster too.

Then I got to work gluing! I did the large "anchor" pieces first, being mindful of the "front" of the mobile where the netting opens. My large peonies (faaaaaaaave flower) were my anchor pieces. I spaced those how I wanted and then filled in with the rest. The other flowers I chose were hydrangeas (second fave flower), mini rose buds, and some wild flowers that resemble Peruvian lilies. I also added some pearl bling at the end to match the other pops of gold and bling in her nursery. Baby girl needs a little glam.

I spun it around as I worked, filling in different sections back and forth to ensure variation of flower types, sizes, and colors on every side. I also stepped back once I thought I was done and looked at it from across the room. Sometimes when you're 6 inches from a project for 2 hours, you need to take a step back for some perspective. I filled in the rest and had exactly the right amount of flowers. When does that ever happen? :P

The last step was just hanging it from the ceiling! I miraculously did this by myself at 34 weeks pregnant using a little step ladder (don't tell my husband). I wanted it offset from the crib (not centered) and just gently draping over the back. It was harder than I expected to screw the eye bolt into the ceiling but got it done!

I'm pretty darn thrilled with how it turned out and am really dreading when she's tall enough to mess with it and we have to move it. I plan to re-purpose it in the basement or another spot of the room for a little reading tent or something adorable like that!

What do you guys think?! Will you attempt this DIY? Share your results and questions with me!

Our crib is from Amazon in Antique Mist. You can also get it in Storm Gray. Paint color is Fair Maiden by Valspar from Lowe's. Crib sheet is from Amazon too! I can't wait to share the rest of the nursery with you!

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