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9 Times in 10 Years

Home again. By home, I mean Virginia. Luke and I traveled 9.5 hours from South Carolina to Virginia today to get ready to move...again. But that’s just geography. The real “home” is being closely surrounded by our family during this incredible season of our lives. I’ve moved 9 times in 10 years. Yes you read that right and no I’m not part of a military family or a traveling circus. Ok, maybe the circus to an extent. From college to married to first baby to divorced and single mom to remarried to new home owner to southern charm seeker to 2 under 2 and desperately needing reinforcements...and a few stops in between. While I hate all the packing and address changing, each new home has given me something different. A bigger apartment with my first baby. A new, safe place to start over as a single mom. My first home with my true soul mate. A lowcountry dream. And now roots back home. We are relieved to know this will be the last move for a while (God willing) and that our babies will make incredible memories whether by the sea or in the mountains.

I don't regret any of the previous 9 moves...even the ones that lasted less than a year and cost us tens of thousands of dollars (ooof). They've shaped us, taught us, and brought us to exactly where we're supposed to be.

Home ♥

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