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The Day I Lost $22,000

I was mad at the appraiser. I thought, “He came into my kitchen and saw me sitting there, pregnant with a 1 year old on my lap. He saw my family. He knows the price the house was under contract for and even what it sold for last year. Yet he CHOSE to make it worth $15,000 less.”

It felt like he just stole $15,000 from my family based on an opinion. Just 11 months ago, when we purchased it and had it appraised, it was "worth" $5,000 more than his appraisal! How did it go DOWN $10,000 in 11 months. Especially when we put almost $10,000 in impactful upgrades like new carpeting, scraping the popcorn ceilings, and a new pool pump and salt water system. It didn’t make any sense to me. If another appraiser had the mind that the bathroom remodel was worth a little more or had pulled even one different comp, it could’ve completely changed that number. The lack of consistency in the whole appraisal process still baffles me. It’s very subjective for something SO important to a family’s bottom line. I felt like a toddler throwing a tantrum because someone took the TV remote away from me. Except instead of a remote, it was $22,000. But you know what? Being mad at the appraiser doesn’t change things. Feeling frustrated we had to pay for wood rot repairs that weren’t caught in our inspection last year doesn’t make it go away. Thinking the appraisal process is flawed doesn’t get us $15,000 back that literally just POOF vanished overnight because of this guy’s opinion. So I chose to pray...and workout. It’s amazing what a convo with the big guy upstairs and some exercise endorphins will do for a bad situation. If I’ve learned anything from all the personal development I read in my job as an entrepreneurial online fitness coach, it’s that how we REACT to things that happen to us matters so much more than what actually happened to us. We control our response, our interpretation, and the emotions we choose to associate with everything. So I own my response and my feelings. I own that my initial reaction was a very human and emotionally charged one. As soon as I noticed how that reaction wasn’t serving me, my family, or the situation, I got down to business and flipped the switch. I chose to look for a silver lining and the best way forward. I don’t know His plan and can’t imagine how losing $22,000 is a lesson but it’s not MY place to judge that or make that decision. All I can do is faithfully follow Him who loves me more than the lilies of the field, own my reaction to events in my life, and make the best of every situation.

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