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That Double Stroller Life

Well this happened today. It’s funny because to be honest, this pregnancy wasn’t planned. Somehow though, it already feels like, “How could we have ever lived without her?” and she’s not even here yet! Growing up I always said I wanted 5 kids. Everyone thought I was crazy. I grew up in a small family and loved the idea of a big one! After Audrey and how hard it was having her with my ex husband and then being a single mom, I was one and done. Then with Chad, my heart started to change. So through a lot of ups and downs we had our Luke 💙 Well with Chad’s amazing kiddos Connor and Kirsten (which admittedly I didn’t get to raise but still love them like crazy), plus Audrey, Luke, and now this little girl on the way. There’s my five. I put that dream into the universe probably 20 years ago and God got to work. Crazy how we got here but 5 awesome kiddos between us = a blessed family. Now, about that double stroller life...

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