Hi! I'm Carrie.

lover of:

Netflix       cuddling     peonies          Target            HGTV        thigh-high fuzzy socks

hydrangeas           Disney World    Christmas music        cinnamon dolce lattes

GIFS        f.r.i.e.n.d.s. fanatic      Amazon Prime        Jesus       the smell of the beach

apple cider     travelling             Nordstrom Rack                 90s music           Instagram

Blake Lively         bath bombs             reading in bed            Home Goods        pastries

cobblestone streets           the farmer's market                 inspirational quotes     pizza

wanna be besties?

I created this site to connect with like-minded women. All of these things above are my JAM but I love to write about the stuff that matters too. I was a tired mom on auto-pilot for so long and I closed myself off to self-discovery and self-care. I started a business and stayed in it longer than I should have for all the wrong reasons (ie not because I actually *wanted* to).  I was staying comfortable and playing small. Since finally snapping out of it, I've written a book, grown in my faith, and explored so many new opportunities I never would've imagined. I had to ask myself,

"Will the real Carrie Jordan please stand up?"

If this resonates with you and you think you'll dig some fun content,

let's get down to it  


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